Collusion online

First described in the 1800s as the “cheating game,” Poker initially had a reputation for attracting low-life characters, including swindlers and card sharks. Prior to the 1970s, Poker was not found at many casinos because of the difficulty of keeping out cheaters. Better security techniques, however, and the game’s increasing popularity led to the reintroduction of Poker to the casino experience, both offline and online.

Online Poker rooms are safe from methods of cheating common at physical Poker games. No one can mark the cards, no one can peek at your hole cards, no one can stack the deck, and no one can sneak a peak at the cards dealt by the dealer.

However, there is one method of cheating that targets online Poker rooms, and that is collusion among players. When players share information about their hands in efforts to help each other to win, or to force other players to place more money in the pot, they are ruining the Poker experience for all involved.

Collusion is not tolerated at any online Poker room. Sites use a combination of automated and human monitoring tools to identify and prevent any irregular play patterns or incidences of collusion between players. Sites are highly secretive about the methods they employ so as not to allow potential colluders to garner any tips.

It is relatively easy for two players to collude together, but it is becoming increasingly easy for online sites to detect this collusion. Players are warned that this inappropriate behavior will imminently lead to their being banned from playing Poker at online sites.