Poker culture

The culture of poker has been hyped up a lot recently. That’s because the online version of the game is mixing things up, and creating wonderful success stories that were seemingly impossible a few years ago. Now you don’t have to be a cowboy hat-wearing, cigarette-smoking, 5 o’clock shadow-having renegade from Texas in order to be a tough poker player. You can gain that experience from the comfort of your own home. This section is about the undeniable culture of poker: its history, its biggest stars (and their stories) and, importantly, its etiquette. Poker is an exclusive club, and it’s best to show some respect for the game!

History – You’ll be surprised to find how many different influences and variations poker has had in its long and sometimes hard-to-follow history. Create your own theory for invented the game!

Famous Players – The old-time stars like Johnny Moss and Amarillo Slim Preston have given way to a new breed of Internet poker legends like Chris Moneymaker and Greg “Fossilman” Raymer. Click here to for an introduction to the names and faces that keep poker interesting.

Etiquette – If you think poker is just a quick way to make some money and not a game with rules and responsibilities, think again. You won’t make any friends with an attitude like that. Here’s a guide to proper poker behavior, online and off.